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Carnaval in Salvador - Bahia

The people of Salvador also pack the streets to celebrate Carnival. In the capital of Bahia, the music comes from the "Trio Eletricos" (mobile sound systems), enormous trucks converted into stages, blaring out the contagious "axe-music" at a phenomenal volume. These are typically "baiana" inventions which have become popular all over Brazil, specially among young people. Indeed, crowds of them throng the streets of Salvador during Carnival, singing and dancing behind the trucks. Each sound system attracts its own block of revelers, who usually dress in the same costume and stick together as they progress through the heaving crowds.

Package prices vary. Please contact our office for more details. We recommend booking this tour 2 to 3 months in advance. Prices available upon request. Carnaval's tour packages are non refundable.

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