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New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro


The wide strip of sand on Copacabana beach is covered in a heaving human mass. The sea becomes bathed in light from motorboats, yachts and dinghies filling the bay. It is surely one of the most beautiful and emotional celebration of fraternity on the planet. People of all ages, of all social classes, of all races and religions come together, join as one to look up the sky and toast the arrival of the New Year. The spectacular brilliance of the fireworks display, exploding in different colors and shapes for more than 15 minutes, seems to light up the crowd and send a wave of optimism and confidence in good days to come.

Package prices vary. Please contact our office for more details. We recommend booking this tour 2 to 3 months in advance. Prices available upon request. New Year's tour packages are non refundable.

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