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Amazon Eco-park Lodge

Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge is a touristic, scientific and educational property, created and directed by a private initiative back in 1991, opening its doors to the public as an Ecotourism Lodge in 1995. Several streams of clear water run through the area. Over 6 miles of jungle trails including un-catalogued species, natural savannahs and creeks enable clients to explore the jungle, observe orchids and giant trees.

It is a jungle lodge with 20 rustic bungalows in a preserved forest area with typical regional arquitectural design, with screened windows. Each bungalow has 3 suites (total of 60 suites) with hot shower, fan and air conditioning. It is possible to enjoy nature without giving away your comfort.

The lodge has a panoramic open-air restaurant with indian style architecture where up to 120 people can enjoy the delicious recipes from the varied regional cuisine and international dishes. bar, living room, natural pools, massage room, reading room and reception lobby are also part of the social areas.

The lodge has two large thatched roof areas which are an excellent option for group events for private parties or folkloric shows and regional music performances.

Close to the lodge is the Primate Rehabilitation Center, a center for primates brought to this local by IBAMA when confiscated from illegal sales and exports. At this location, primates are initially kept in quarantine in order to be evaluated and treated by veterinarians and biologists. After a period of time, primates are reintroduced to the jungle

Available Packages:

04 Days / 03 Nights
03 Days / 02 Nights
02 Days / 01 Night

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