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Tiwa Amazon Resort

The Tiwa Amazon Resort is situated 10 km from Manaus, on the banks of the Rio Negro. The complex is surrounded by its own grounds of more than 2 square km. The resort is built around a beautiful natural lake that is surrounded by tropical rainforest. At the edge of the lake - with their feet in the water - you will see 26 double houses built on poles; they each have a bed-sit and a bathroom with a spacious patio above the lake.

There is a lovely wide sandy beach along the river and in front of the resort. During the two months of the year when the water level in the Rio Negro is high the beach will be less wide an sometimes it will disappear altogether. This is the rainy season, but it usually means just one shower a day, because otherwise the weather is lovely! This is the time when the river is boss for a while, and during this time you are welcome to visit our spacious raft and the beach by the terrace around the swimming pool. The resorts not only has a swimming pool, but also a restaurant, a water sport centre and an amphitheatre, but everywhere around you, you will see, hear and smell the Amazonian Jungle.

Available Packages:

05 Days / 04 Nights
04 Days / 03 Nights
03 Days / 02 Nights
02 Days / 01 Night

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