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Fernando de Noronha

Two hundred some miles off Natal on Brazil's northeastern coast, in waters untainted by sediment from Brazil's major rivers, lies Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago looking today much like it did when it was discovered five hundred years ago. Its distance from shore and the limited tourist facilities aren't a drawback to visitors who rave enthusiastically about these spectacular islands.

The archipelago is called Fernando de Noronha. The islands are the remains of volcanic mountains jutting up from the Atlantic. There are twenty small islands, one larger one, and scores of beautiful beaches where clean sand, pure water and fabulous marine life abound.

Although the islands support a large variety of wildlife species, they are relatively unpopulated and tourism is restricted to 420 visitors at a time. In fact, the longer you stay, the higher your permit fee will go. There is one paved road, Brazil's shortest national highway, one hotel and many pousadas which fill to capacity in the summer season. In the 1970's almost three-quarters of the archipelago was created into the National Marine Sanctuary of Fernando de Noronha, the Fernando de Noronha, to preserve both the land and marine environment. Of particular interest is the nature conservancy effort saving the sea turtles (shown above. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image and description.) While Fernando de Noronha is now a model environmental protection area, it is also one of Brazil's almost hidden treasure. The clarity and warmth of the water, on the equatorial stream, and the abundant underwater life makes these islands a mecca for divers and snorkelers. There are over two hundred species of fish, plus dolphins, sea turtles, and sharks to view and photograph.

Where to Stay:

Pousada Ze Maria
Zé Maria's is considered one of the best pousadas in Brazil. From its humble beginnings as a guest house it has expanded in an environmentally friendly way, and now consists of six standard apartments, nine bungalows and three special bungalows.

Zé Maria is a great lover of nature, and in the expansion of his beautiful pousada not a single tree was removed. And actually, more than 850 new native trees were planted on the grounds. Everything from the flat screen TV's, mini-bars, split air conditioner and whirlpool bath tubs are run by solar energy.

Zé Maria's Restaurant is open everyday from 12:00 noon to 11:30 pm and offers the famous Gastronomical Festival every Wednesday and Saturday.

Pousada Maravilha
Pousada Maravilha is the first pousada to offer comfort and luxury still unknown in a forgotten island in the Atlantic. Pousada Maravilha operates in accordance with strict principals of environmental preservation, in perfect harmony with nature. The architecture of Pousada Maravilha is neither imposing nor aggressive towards its surroundings; it mingles with the geography of the island. The Pousada offers only eight bungalows.

The eight bungalows are scattered along the privileged terrain and are the only accommodation on the island that face the ocean. Each bungalow belongs exclusively to the guest who occupies it and it is isolated enough to provide privacy and peace.

Pousada Maravilha is totally integrated to the culture of environment preservation that guides dwellers to Noronha. It is a great choice for those who wish to dive in the rich ecosystem or those who simply want to retire from the world and rest in paradise.

Other pousadas and inns are available upon request!


* There are no springs or fountains, all consumed water is rain water

* The pousadas are the residences of the inhabitants, which were adapted and transformed into means of accommodation. (all apartments with TV, frigobar and air conditioning) * There is a public hospital which attends basic necessities

* The island is supplied by boats coming from Natal or Recife

* Two small supermarkets supply the local population

* Every night there are lectures about environmental topics (these take place at Tamar / Ibama headquarters)

* There are few drugstores on the island; therefore we suggest to bring from the continent those medicines which you constantly use

*I t is possible to use cellular phone.

Suggested itinerary

06 Days / 05 Nights - Including 05 nights in a hotel of your choice, roundtrip transportation between airport and hotel, all hotel taxes and service charges, daily brazilian breakfast buffet and a schooner tour at the Dolphin's Bay.

There will be an environment conservation tax to be paid upon arrival at the island.

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