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Vacation in Rio Grande do Sul

Rio Grande do Sul - Wine tasting tour

The hospitality of its people, its good hotel network, and its plentiful and varied cuisine makes Rio Grande do Sul a welcoming state. From the seashore to the interior, from the Aparados da Serra in the north to the Coxilhas in the south and west, along the way from Torres to Porto Alegre, and from there to Uruguayan territory, in the radiant valleys of the "Depressão" Central, on the slopes of the Serra and on the plateaus at "Cima da Serra - everywhere nature presents breathtaking scenery. Today's "Gaucho² population, with predominately European roots, is vibrant, happy, relaxed and friendly.

Visit to Garibaldi and wine producers at the city of Garibaldi and its and wine producers, wine tasting. Crossing Caxias do Sul, the economical capital of the Italian Region in Rio Grande do Sul. Continuation to Nova Petrópolis and visit to the German Immigrant Park. Tour to the cities of Gramado and Canela. Visit to purchase handicrafts and homemade chocolates, as well as a park. An unforgettable European experience in the South of Brazil.

This package emphasizes the vineyard culture of the south of Brazil, especially in technical and enological aspects of wines and blends. You will learn the process of elaboration of wines and their history with assistance of an expert (enelog), with the Italian immigrant.

The excellency of the wines that take the mark Vale dos Vinhedos is recognized world-wide. The techniques used in the production, the climate and the nobility of the chaste ones mainly guarantee a product of excellent quality that already conquered important national and international prizes.

The Serra Gaucha is located at North of Porto Alegre and has developed into one of the best producing regions of wine of Brazil. But it is in and around smaller towns, such as Bento Goncalves and Garibaldi, that, in fact, Brazil's wine production is centered.

Package includes:

- 01 night in Porto Alegre, 02 nights in Bento Goncalves and 1 night in Gramado with daily breakfast.
- Visit to a local wine producer, with wine tasting in Garibaldi.
- Visit to the Enology School in Bento Goncalves, with technical lecture on analysis and wine research.
- Visit to Caxias do Sul, the economical capital of the Italian Region in Rio Grande do Sul.
- Visit to the German Immigrant Park in Nova Petrópolis.
- City tours in Gramado and Canela, visiting to art crafts, parks, and homemade chocolates
- Barbecue Dinner in a typical restaurant in Porto Alegre.
- Typical dinner with a regional folklore show in Bento Goncalves.
- Lunch at a Colonial Inn in Garibaldi

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